VIP Program

7BitCasino offers weekly bonuses as an appreciation for clients' active participation over the weekend. Only those players who have made at least 1 deposit after registration can get bonuses.

Cashback is to be given to players who deposited and played their balance to zero during Friday, Saturday and Sunday (UTC). You must incur a minimum loss over 3 days:

  • for VIP Level 4: 0.0027 BTC.
  • for VIP Level 5: 0.0036 BTC.
  • for VIP Level 6: 0.0054 BTC.
  • for VIP Levels 7 and 8: 0.0072 BTC.
  • for VIP Levels 9-12: 0.009 BTC for the cashback to be added automatically.

The minimum amount of deposit in 3 days should be greater than:

  • for VIP Level 4: 0.0027 BTC.
  • for VIP Level 5: 0.0036 BTC.
  • for VIP Level 6: 0.0054 BTC.
  • for VIP Levels 7 and 8: 0.0072 BTC.
  • for VIP Levels 9-12: 0.009 BTC.

Monday bonus free spins are to be given for the players who deposited during Friday, Saturday and Sunday (UTC).

  • For VIP Level 1 - 10 free spins,
  • for VIP Level 2 - 30 free spins,
  • for VIP Level 3 - 50 free spins.

And the players with VIP Levels from 4 to 12 will get a cashback:

  • for VIP Level 4 - 5% cashback,
  • for VIP Level 5 - 7% cashback,
  • for VIP Level 6 - 10% cashback,
  • for VIP Level 7 - 12% cashback,
  • for VIP Level 8 - 15% cashback,
  • for VIP Level 9 - 17% cashback,
  • for VIP Level 10 - 20% cashback,
  • for VIP Level 11 - 22% cashback,
  • for VIP Level 12 - 25% cashback.

The minimum amount of deposit for the 1-3 VIP Levels: 0.00036 BTC.

Players meeting these conditions will receive free spins and cashback bonuses upon leveling up.

The maximum cashback bonus amount is unlimited. The maximum winnings that will be paid out resulting from weekly cashback for VIP Levels 4-12 will equal the bonus amount multiplied by 10.

For VIP Levels 1-3 free spins are awarded for the game 7Bit Million by BGaming. And players with VIP Levels from 4 to 12 will get cashback bonuses for each level.

Level Up bonuses are wagering at 45x for VIP 2 / 40x - VIP 3 / 35x - VIP 4 / 30x - VIP 5 / 25x - VIP 6 / 20x - VIP 7 / 15x - VIP 8 / 10x - VIP 9 / 5x - VIP 10 / 1x - VIP 11 / 1x - VIP 12 before any winnings can be withdrawn.

Maximum bet when playing Level Up bonuses:

  • VIP1 - VIP9 LEVEL UP: 0.00018 BTC;
  • VIP10 LEVEL UP : 0.00036 BTC;
  • VIP11 LEVEL UP : 0.000432 BTC;
  • VIP12 LEVEL UP : 0.00054 BTC.

Comp Points may be exchanged for bonuses. General bonus terms are applied to these bonuses unless stated otherwise.

You can get to know how to exchange comp points on the page COMP POINTS EXCHANGE.

faqBlockTitleIcon FAQ

How do I join VIP program at 7BitCasino?

Earn status Comp Points by placing non-bonus bets on 7BitCasino games. Accumulate more Comp Points to advance to the next level and unlock additional benefits.

Can I lose my level?

No, once you reach a level, it's yours to keep. Levels are determined by status Comp Points, which can only be added to your account.

What happens when I reach a new level?

When you sign up with us, you'll start at the first level. Each subsequent level offers better winning chances, greater cashback, lower wagering requirements, and more favorable Comp Points exchange rates. These perks are automatically activated on your account the moment you reach the next level.

Where can I see my level progress?

You can view your current level in the website's header on all pages, as well as on this page. Here, you can also see the percentage of completion for your current level.

How can I reach next VIP level?

To advance to the next level, you must accumulate a specific number of status Comp Points, which are earned by making real money bets on 7BitCasino slots. Your level increases regardless of whether you win or lose.

How do I move faster in the VIP program?

The speed at which a player progresses in the VIP program is determined by the frequency and size of their bets throughout their time at the casino. The more real money bets a player places, the higher their VIP level becomes. 1 status point = 0.000036 BTC.

Can I get the Birthday bonus?

The Birthday bonus is available to all VIP players at 7BitCasino. On their birthday, players will receive an email containing a promo code, which they can activate through support.

How can I raise withdrawal limits?

The withdrawal limits apply uniformly to all players — 0.54 BTC per month and 0.18 BTC per week. However, 7BitCasino values its loyal players; therefore, players at VIP levels 7-12 are encouraged to contact their VIP manager, who can assist in reviewing and potentially adjusting these limits based on their activity.